Fantasy Warfare is a game mode in WWE All Stars which involves a series of 15 WWE dream matches that pit Legends of the past against a characteristically similar modern-day Superstar. Each match begins with a video promo to introduce the competitors and has a personalized storyline based on the history of those involved.

Every completed bout in Fantasy Warfare will unlock the next dream match, culminating with the final bout, "Mr. WrestleMania", featuring a fantasy WrestleMania rematch between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. Getting through the match-ups is where ten of the game's 30-man roster can be unlocked: Eddie Guerrero, Mr. Perfect, Sgt. Slaughter, Jimmy Snuka, and Shawn Michaels can be unlocked from the Legends side; The Miz, Edge, Jack Swagger, Kane, and Drew McIntyre from the Superstars side.

There are also achievements and trophies that can be earned by finishing the mode when completed by each generation.

Legends vs. SuperstarsEdit

The Pride of Scotland
Fantasy Warfare
Image Legend Match Superstar Image
Ultimate Warrior headshot Ultimate Warrior Greatest Warrior Sheamus Sheamus headshot
Vs icon
Possessed of raw strength and willpower, these two warriors will stop at nothing to win.
Eddie Guerrero headshot Eddie Guerrero Padlock icon Greatest High Flyer Rey Mysterio Rey Mysterio headshot
Vs icon
Armed with the grace and power of the luchadors, which of these acrobats will fly higher?
Ricky Steamboat headshot Ricky Steamboat Innovative Offense Kofi Kingston Kofi Kingston headshot
Vs icon
These All Stars have dazzled fans around the world with their innovative offensive moves!
Mr. Perfect headshot Mr. Perfect Padlock icon Perfectly Awesome Padlock icon The Miz The Miz headshot
Vs icon
Two of the greatest narcissists in WWE history collide in a battle of giant egos!
Andre the Giant headshot Andre the Giant Greatest Big Man Big Show Big Show headshot
Vs icon
It's a clash of titans as two of the WWE's biggest big men collide!
Stone Cold headshot Stone Cold
Steve Austin
Superior Lifestyle CM Punk CM Punk headshot
Vs icon
Polar opposites with unmatched fighting skills, which would you choose as your role model?
Bret Hart headshot Bret "Hit Man" Hart Excellence of Execution Padlock icon Edge Edge headshot
Trash icon
Two of the WWE's master technicians turn their incredible skills on one another!
Jake Roberts headshot Jake Roberts Coldest Snake Randy Orton Randy Orton headshot
Trash icon
These two snakes have struck fear into their WWE opponents. Which is the top predator?
Sgt. Slaughter headshot Sgt. Slaughter Padlock icon Stars & Stripes Showdown Padlock icon Jack Swagger Jack Swagger headshot
Vs icon
When two patriotic WWE All Stars clash, fireworks are sure to follow!
Hulk Hogan headshot Hulk Hogan Biggest Superstar John Cena John Cena headshot
Vs icon
Cheered by millions in the WWE Universe, who is the greatest Superstar in WWE History!
Macho Man headshot "Macho Man"
Randy Savage
Most Charismatic John Morrison John Morrison headshot
Vs icon
From flashy outfits to cool shades to high-flying moves, these two Superstars have it all!
Jimmy Snuka headshot Jimmy Snuka Padlock icon Ruthless Aggression Padlock icon Kane Kane headshot
Cage icon
These All Stars fight with a ruthless aggression that spark fear in their opponents' hearts!
The Rock headshot The Rock Undisputed Triple H Triple H headshot
Vs icon
Only few have ever held the Undisputed Championship! Who was the greatest?
Roddy Piper headshot Roddy Piper Pride of Scotland Padlock icon Drew McIntyre Drew McIntyre headshot
Trash icon
Highland warfare erupts as two of Scotland's favorite sons face off in the ring!
Shawn Michaels headshot Shawn Michaels Padlock icon Mr. WrestleMania Undertaker Undertaker headshot
Vs icon
Who is the greatest Main Eventer in WWE? Who deserves the title "Mr. WrestleMania"?


Getting through the matchups in “Fantasy Warfare” is where ten of the wrestlers on the roster are unlocked:

Achievements and trophiesEdit

Gold trophy Fantasy Warfare achievements
Image Achievement Xbox 360 icon PSN logo
Legend Killer Legend Killer 15 Silver trophy
Old School Old School 15 Silver trophy

Among the achievements and trophies for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users, completing Fantasy Warfare have two different achievements that can be obtained.

Completing all Fantasy Warfare matches as WWE Superstars will earn the Legend Killer achievement (represented by a Randy Orton icon) that contributes 15 points for an Xbox 360 user's Gamerscore and a Silver Trophy for PS3 users.

Completing all Fantasy Warfare matches as WWE Legends will earn the Old School achievement (represented by an Andre the Giant icon) that contributes 15 points for an Xbox 360 user's Gamerscore and a Silver Trophy for PS3 users.

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