Path of Champions Legends is one of three Path of Champions story modes featured in WWE All Stars that involves completing a gauntlet of 10 matches against various WWE Legends, culminating in a World Heavyweight Championship title shot at SummerSlam against The Undertaker.


The World Heavyweight Championship is on the line at SummerSlam. Can you run a gauntlet of hard-fought matches against WWE Legends and defeat Undertaker.

Path of ChampionsEdit

Facing the Deadman
Path of Champions Legends
Image Opponent Match Arena Progress
Undertaker headshot The Undertaker Vs icon Summerslam Small champion icon
Undertaker has sworn to rip your soul from your body and lay your remains to rest in a casket! Will you be the new World Heavyweight Champion, or will you rest in peace?
Hulk Hogan headshot Hulk Hogan Cage icon SmackDown 2
It's down to two Superstars! Tonight you must escape from the unforgiving Steel Cage! And should you win, Undertaker awaits with an empty casket!
Stone Cold headshot Stone Cold Steve Austin Trash icon RAW 3
With only three matches to go before SummerSlam, things are about to get extreme! No rules! No disqualifications! This one's going to get ugly!
The Rock headshot The Rock Vs icon All Stars logo 4
As the field of Legends narrows, another Legendary challenger stands ready to battle you in singles competition for the right to face Undertaker at SummerSlam.
Andre the Giant headshot Andre the Giant Vs icon WrestleMania All Stars logo 5
Welcome to WrestleMania! Undertaker and Paul Bearer are watching as you face off in singles competition against your toughest opponent yet!
Jake Roberts headshotRoddy Piper headshot Jake Roberts and Roddy Piper Elimination icon SmackDown 6
As Undertaker prepares your casket, two Legendary competitors stand ready to eliminate you from contention in a Triple Threat match!
Ultimate Warrior headshot Ultimate Warrior Vs icon RAW 7
Your quest to challenge Undertaker takes you to Raw, where you face the ultimate competition against one of WWE's ultimate Legends!
Macho Man headshotBret Hart headshotShawn Michaels headshot Macho Man and Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels Elimination icon All Stars logo 8
You survived the Triple Threat match, but tonight, you face a Fatal 4-Way Elimination match! Only the last man standing remains in the hunt to face Undertaker at SummerSlam!
Jimmy Snuka headshotEddie Guerrero headshot Jimmy Snuka and Eddie Guerrero Elimination icon SmackDown 9
The competition gets tougher as you face off against two of the most aggressive Legends in WWE in a Triple Threat Elimination match!
Mr. Perfect headshot Mr. Perfect Vs icon RAW 10
The WWE Legends are rising to the challenge issued by Undertaker and Paul Bearer! Your first match on the road to SummerSlam and the World Heavyweight Championship begins now!

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