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I'm here on a daily basis, so for wiki-related issues, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
I'm Spriggins, WWE All Stars Wiki administrator and bureaucrat. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
About me
Thanks for visiting my page. I joined this wiki on March 20, 2011 while I was looking for a new wiki project to work on. Originally, I had absolutely no intention of playing the new WWE All Stars video game after first seeing the E3 demo featuring the freak physiques of John Cena and The Rock. But a week before the release, I re-stumbled (if you will) upon the title and decided to download the demo. After playing as Ultimate Warrior and Rey Mysterio, I was instantly hooked. My creativity got the best of me and I decided to create an online resource for the title.

I have created other wikis, founding the LPW Wiki for the web's most popular e-wrestling federation, and Packerpedia which is devoted to the Green Bay Packers football team. With this wiki, I hoped to create a WWE-themed wiki that would focus on the zany, arcade-type of world that All Stars accomplished since it was a nice change of pace from the SmackDown vs. RAW series. The wiki address had been created a few weeks earlier before I could register the website, however the wiki had no pages other than the main page.

My main goal at this wiki is, simply put, to make it a fun and informative resource for players of WWE All Stars, with the hope that the project would further inspire an ongoing franchise (which unfortunately didn't come to fruition with the title's lower sales, not to mention THQ's eventual demise). In practical terms, I work on the general appearance on occasion and will use that to create in-depth biographies and other interesting information.

I have always been a casual gamer (nothing serious previously), but lately I've self-diagnosed myself with an OCD obsession towards getting Platinum trophies and find myself trying to get more and more. Since getting a PlayStation 2 back in 2000, I've been loyal to the Sony brand and continue with a PS3 and soon-to-be PS4. As for professional wrestling, I'm a semi-casual WWE fan and rarely catch the shows other than seeing the annual Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, and a couple WWE titles on Netflix. I have a good understanding of pro wrestling's history, and this wiki helped provide me with an independent outlet to showcase some pro wrestling history for hobby purposes.
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